Write and Sell Quilt Patterns

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1 Payment of $875.00
3 Payments of $310.00
6 Payments of $165.00

In the Quilters Candy Pattern Writing Course you will...

- Build your brand.

- Learn how to come up with quilt pattern ideas. 

- Write your quilt patterns.

- Learn how to successfully sell your quilt patterns in multiple ways.

- Grow your following.

- Have access to a personal business coach and tutor.

- Make life-long friends and business collaborators.

Week 1 - Business Basics
Week 2 - EQ8 Basics
Week 3 - EQ8 Advanced
Week 4 - Adobe Illustrator Basics
Week 5 - Adobe Illustrator Advanced
Week 6 - The Pattern: What to Write
Week 7 - Selling Your Patterns / Growing Your Business
Week 8 -Business Growth & Coaching Calls

The biggest request I am getting is for help growing your businesses.  Because of this, I am offering each person who signs up a 45 minute one-on-one personal business coaching call.  These will be ZOOM calls, which I will record and share with the class (unless you have strong objections to this).  Everyone will learn from each other's business coaching calls.  I strive to give each student attention to their business, and tailor my advice to you. 


The course is 8 weeks long.  The content will be dripped for the first 8 weeks.  That means new content is released each week for the first 8 weeks.  This is to help pace you and avoid overwhelm.  Once the 8 weeks is over, you can access the course for life.  You can always come back and re-watch or re-read any of the lessons, live Q&A's, questions and comments. 


I will be answering any comments or questions that come up during the 8 week course.  There is a place after each lesson to leave comments/ questions.

I also plan to check in with the Facebook group daily during the 8 weeks.  This is a place where we can interact and help each other out.

I am hosting weekly Live Q&A sessions that are one hour long.  The class emails me their questions and I address them at the end of each week.

If any business questions arise, I am happy to address those in the Live Q&A.  I will be an open book and plan to help out where the students need it most.


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