From Craft to Career : Business Course


Take the craft you love and start earning money with it!



You Love it!

You are taking something you already love and learning how to earn an income with it. 

The Timing Is Right

The craft industry is BOOMING.  Now is the time for you to turn your craft into a career.

They're Looking For YOU

Every day, people online are searching for your knowledge, your experience, and your passions. It's time to get paid for it.

What's Included

In this course I walk you through finding your unique offer, getting your offer into the hands of your ideal customer, and launching your product over and over. 

This course gives you the tools to build a solid brandreach your ideal customers, and earn consistent income.

The lessons are broken down into 6 weeks and are:

  1. Exploring your niche.
  2. Marketing your product.
  3. Building Your Brand.
  4. Opt-Ins and Email Growth.
  5. Social Media - Organically grow your following.
  6. Launching - A timeline and guide to launch your product over and over.
  7. BONUS: Get legal advice on setting up your business from a guest lawyer who specializes in creative businesses. Our guest lawyer has 2 presentations that cover:
    1.  Which entity to set up your business under.
    2. Copyright for creatives.

A Word From Elizabeth


Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to start or grow a creative business, this course is for you! 

The course lasts 6 weeks.  Each week anywhere from 4 - 7 lessons are released.  Lessons include videos, cheat sheets, and assignments.  

Each student has one week to try out the course and make sure it is a good fit for you.  In order to get a refund, you need to show that you have done the work for the first week and explain why the course is not a good fit for you. 


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